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Nursing Care

TMC | Nursing Care
Nursing Care

Nursing CARE is part of the overall health organization that aims to meet the patient / community's nursing needs. At TMC, the nurse operates in a structured clinical patient care system along with the leaders medical teams such as dietetics, professional social facilities, pharmacy etc.

The vision of our Directorate is to provide quality care. We are committed to providing high standards of healthcare, continuous education and development.

In the provision of professional healthcare, nurses at the Toki Medical Centre have a vital position to perform and reflect on patients' wishes. The patient care model is structured to recognize the needs of the patient and create a safe and compassionate atmosphere. Our priority is the implementation of a patient approach that respects all medical professionals and communicates interactively.

The nurses are committed to:

  • ensure acute and chronic illness treatment; release facilitation; palliative care and nurse training;
  • take due attention and take the financial, mental, economic, and physical demands of a individual into account;
  • ensure optimum care for the patient through objective, systematic monitoring, set standards and criteria-based assessments;
  • continuous theory investigations and techniques for improving patient care;
  • comprehensive patient learning opportunities;
  • creation and retention of an environment which promotes creativity, personal and professional development, and demonstrates service standards performance.
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