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TMC | Pharmacy

Medicines are distributed in the hospital's pharmacy throughout the clinical departments. Pharmacists use computerized programs for drug management, medication reactions, and adverse effects to classify and monitor them. In the care of our patients, our pharmacy plays an important role. Our goal is to provide pharmaceutical care as effectively as possible by monitoring and managing all medicines. Our number one priority is patient safety in the drug use system.

This unit of TMC provides a comprehensive 24-hour pharmaceutical service to ensure our patients' consistent supply of drugs. We also advise our team of physicians and nurses on safe medicine, prescription patterns and best solutions. In addition to this- routine job, patient medication orders, drug allergies, and interactions with other drug or foods are reviewed by pharmacists to ensure appropriate doses and usage.

The pharmacy also offers a free concierge service that includes medication and consultation for the patients that have been discharged. The purpose of this service is to increase adherence to medicines and enhance patient outcomes.

Our priorities in the pharmaceutical unit include:

  • supplying details about the medications and answering queries;
  • coordination and delivery of new and ongoing medicines at the office and on discharge following an ambulatory appointment;
  • performing daily searches; together with other medical practitioners, for the best and most appropriate treatment, during the hospital stay;
  • addressing your concerns with respect to our prescription;
  • in-patient preparation of injection sterile medicines;
  • promoting clinical testing and experimental product development.
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