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Clinical Laboratory

TMC | Clinical Laboratory
Clinical Laboratory

The diagnosis and treatment of patients by physicians is made possible by clinical laboratory tests. New laboratory technology developments offer the prospect of diagnostic and care improvements.

At TMC, our clinical laboratory strives to enhance the safety of the patient by constantly incorporating the relevant medical evidence. In order to achieve this, the hospital gives the patient all the screening testing they need from an across-the-board viewpoint, offering outcomes that avoid detection and care being postponed. This unit is dedicated to supplying accurate clinical laboratory evidence to enable the evaluation of the high level of healthcare services provided by the hospital. Our Clinical Laboratory is dedicated to maintaining the capacity to produce timely and precise test results.

We offer a wide range of laboratory tests (in the blood, urine, stool etc.), and contribute in:

  • diagnosis of diseases;
  • follow-up therapy;
  • detecting pathological differences before they appear.

Our priorities in the clinical laboratory are targeted at:

  • assessment of each case selected by a professional / accompanying specialist;
  • providing information on the need to conduct certain tests required for treatment process;
  • specific, interpretative remarks on results in the report;
  • ensuring that the examination required by a clinician is both appropriate and useful;
  • giving instructions on the preparation of patients and samples, as well as the limitations of the required test;
  • proposing methods and procedures that will contribute to valuable diagnosis and care outcomes;
  • informing the clinical / attending physician of any deviation from the acceptable limits that could affect the sample analysis;
  • offering detailed report about the validity of the study findings and the scientific assumptions;
  • recommending multiple experiments using the same study, but use specific methodologies, to accurately record the findings.
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