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TMC | Surgery

Surgery is a daunting prospect for many people. Our surgical experts at Toki Medical Centre have a common objective: to develop a patient experience that aims for superior quality, safety, satisfaction and the best results possible.

Over the years, progress in the field of medicine, equipment modernization and more advanced operating services in TMC have revolutionized care. We offer a range of services designed to help you recover quickly from surgery. We strive to provide an advanced care in a convenient environment.

Our certified team of surgeons use traditional as well as least invasive treatment approaches to diseases or injuries. Before surgery, our clinicians work with patients to prepare them for surgery and to reduce anxiety, by explaining what to expect. Our surgeons and staff respond to questions from patients concerning the procedure satisfactorily, the expected recovery process and the long-term results.

We offer a range of services after surgery that are designed to speed up treatment and bring patients back to life. We care for the details concerning safety care, hospital rehabilitation, home health services and medical equipment so that you can remain focused on quick recovery.

The ICU provides intensive therapeutic care and support after major operations. Our theatres are fully equipped for advanced laparoscopic operations. A completely functioning radiology unit and a pathology laboratory, which organizes blood transfusion, are both sponsored in the hospital.

Our hospitals are fitted with state-of-the-art surgical and medical equipment and our staff frequently consults experts in various fields for the best potential findings to generate patient care plans.

Toki Medical Centre has extensive medical care for all ages. Our surgeons are specialists in hospitalized and ambulatory procedures and are minimally invasive or laparoscopic. Technological advancements allow us to conduct several ambulatory procedures. Our same day service offers patients with the convenience of staying home away from home for only a day.

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