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TMC | Cardiology

Toki Medical Center Cardiology offers a number of special facilities for a spectrum of patients-from critical treatment for the reduction of injury, heart-induced recovery and maintenance to healthier behaviours by a network of qualified cardiovascular professionals.

Heart disorders may be caused by genetics, poor lifestyle or other underlying conditions. However, most cardiac conditions are largely avoidable. Our TMC health cardiology service heart specialists diagnose and treat all cardiac and vascular condition, with the most advanced technology and expertise unparalleled in Nigeria.

With the most up to date surgery from minimally invasive valve surgery to off-pump bypass surgery, we offer a range of cardiovascular procedures performed by our leading heart surgeons. Our surgeons are collaborating together to establish a tailored care plan with the optimal outcomes for the cardiologist. Our cardiac team includes cardiac specialists and technicians, as well as world class cardiac surgeons.

The highly trained specialists provide our robust cardiology program including:

  • Certified Cardiologists and Cardio-thoracic urgeons;
  • Registered Nurses, including specially trained nurses for post-operative care;
  • Cardiopulmonary staff invasive and non-invasive;
  • Exercise Specialists;
  • Respiratory and medical therapy;
  • Registered technicians of echocardiography;
  • Technicians in nuclear medicine;
  • ECG technicians.
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