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TMC | Radiology

Our radiology specialists ensure quick diagnosis of your condition, seamless treatment and recovery, with the most advanced technology in the scanning process.

Radiology is a discipline in the detection and management of diseases and disorders in the human body by diagnostic imaging. Our radiologists are qualified in the processing of diagnostic pictures, and they collaborate alongside specialists of multiple specialties to deliver the best treatment and care available.

Available diagnostic scans include:

  • Xray-showing abnormalities, divisions, and deformities of bones;
  • Mammograms – the latest breast tissue study and diagnosis of breast abnormalities;
  • Angiography is used in large blood vessels to show blood supply;
  • Bone Density (DEXA) – this popular measure for men and women over 50years for the objective study of bone texture/density may aid in osteoporosis diagnosis;
  • PET CT - state-of-the-art technology that combines CT information with information on nuclear medicine. PET/CT is used to emphasize and locate cellular abnormal activities;
  • Ultrasonic Doppler, used for vein and artery scanning;
  • Ultrasound - uses Ultrasound waves to investigate soft tissue areas, especially breast, abdomen, pelvic and thyroid areas and is highly effective;
  • CT – your body's cross-sectional image. Applications include soft tissue analysis, bone erosion indications, disease staging, and the planning of radiation therapy;
  • Tereotactic Biopsies: targeted imagery to determine the exact location and take the region's sample cells;
  • MRI – to generate three-dimensional pictures use strong magnetic field and radio frequency pulse;
  • Nuclear Treatment – which entails the application of a material called a radioisotope into the body that shows the abnormally activated regions of the body.
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